Reduce Staff Risk with an Automatic Hose Reeler

Reduce Staff Risk with an Automatic Hose Reeler

Wilshaw was contracted to engineer, design and manufacture an offshore hose reeler for use in fuel hose handling. 

Previously, a 300kg fuel hose was handled manually between refuelling operations, which posed a risk to employees.  

That's when we came in to take them from manual to automatic. 

The decision was made to store, transport and dispense the hose using a reeler to reduce risks that employees were currently exposed to in its handling and improve operational efficiencies.

Wilshaw was responsible for its design and manufacture, including pneumatic, regulatory and client requirements.

The design was based upon Australian and International standards, including AS 3990 – Mechanical equipment and DNV 2.7-4 Portable Offshore Units. 

Hose Reeler Benefits:

  • LONGEVITY: The automatic reeler was designed for marine grade environments to ensure longevity in harsh conditions. 
  • SAFETY: Fatigue considerations for cyclical loading as per design data were carried out to ensure maximum safety and life. 
  • RECOVERY: In the event of an extreme failure of the hose loaded and overhung, the reeler unit has the capacity to recover the hose. 
  • RESILIENT: High swell lashing requirements were determined to ensure proper storage.

Lastly, the client height and transport restrictions were met and exceeded in order to provide a robust unit capable of alternate storage and handing situations. 

The unit was successfully placed into service early 2015 and is currently in use. 

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