Wilshaw Truck and Loader Stops

Wilshaw Truck and Loader Stops

Are you tipping into an open stope or back filling open holes?


Do you need to eliminate the hazard of tipping over the edge of an open pit?

In June, 2014 the WA government issued an incident report for a fatal accident that occurred when a manned loader drove into an open stope in April 2010.
The operator of the loader was driving in an underground mine when the loader fell 25 metres over the edge of an open stope. At the time, there was no physical barrier to prevent access to the void. 
The report included a summary of required actions to prevent future occurrences and fatalities. The need for higher order controls such as elimination engineering was favoured above administrative controls such as procedures and signage, which are less effective and risk-averse. 
The suggested method for managing open-hole mine hazards was to design, construct and locate physical hard barriers to inhibit equipment from accessing the edge of these holes. These should be installed prior to creating an open hole, to secure the safety of staff.
Click here to download the full report details.  

Wilshaw have acknowledged the need for greater engineering controls to manage the risk of truck and loaders tipping into open stope voids by designing a wide range of truck and loader stop blocks. 

Working closely with all our clients Wilshaw have designed and manufactured Engineer Certified Truck and Loader stop blocks that suit all makes and models of underground and surface mobile equipment.
Popular Truck and Loader models that Wilshaw have manufactured stop blocks for include:
  • Elphinstone R1300
  • Elphinstone R1600
  • Elphinstone R1700
  • Elphinstone R2900
  • Sandvik LH 410
  • Sandvik LH 514
  • Sandvik LH 517
  • CAT AD45
  • CAT AD55
  • CAT AD60
  • Toro 50D
  • Atlas Copco MT 5020
  • Atlas Copco MT 6020
Remove the risk to your workforce and utilise Wilshaw’s proven experience to help keep your mine safe.
All Wilshaw Truck and Loader stop blocks are engineer designed, certified to Australian Standards, and comply with all applicable mining regulations and recommendations.