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Wilshaw has established itself as a leading provider of engineering and project delivery services to the underground mining industry. Our services cover the full asset lifecycle, from the front-end planning and feasibility stages through to design, procurement, construction and ongoing operation.


JULY 2008 - JULY 2009

The K2 Shaft Sink consisted of a blind sink vertical shaft with a 5.5m internal finished diameter to a maximum depth of 335m. The concrete lined shaft was to be split by a brattice wall (60% return air, 40% fresh air) for ventilation purposes as well as providing emergency egress (no production haulage). Wilshaw was contracted by Byrnecut Indonesia to provide the project management, engineering design and drafting services for the project. The scope of work for Wilshaw ranged from the detailed engineering design and drafting of the shaft conveyances, including the work platform, shaft shutters, sinking stage through to surface infrastructure such as the headframe, winder building and associated civil works. As a part of the project, Wilshaw also completed the engineering design and detailing of the stage mounted shaft mucker and control cabin.  

Wilshaw's design work included:-

  • Headframe suitable for blind sinking with a kibble and then utilising a cage for the permanent mine egress system.
  • 3.7 Tonne kibble.
  • Civil design.
  • Shaft shutters.
  • Personnel shaft conveyance.
  • Shaft Buntons to support services and skip guides.
  • 3 deck Sinking Stage with hydraulic mucker.
  • Pre-cast concrete Brattice panel manufacturing and storage facility
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